Hi there, my name is Sofía, I'm 22 and I love watching movies, planning on my bullet journal, reading and learning languages. 

This year hasn't been the best for anyone but if there's one thing that I'm grateful for is that spending more time at home has allowed me to discover more doramas and j-pop artists. I entered Arashi's fandom 6 years ago, thanks to Matsumoto's performance on Hana Yori Dango, but I was not very aware of the magnificence of Johnny's Jimusho in general and now I'm obsessed :P I love Kanjani8, Hey! Say! Jump,  WEST, Tackey and Tsubasa and pretty much anything that has to do with this company. Outside of Johnny's I also root for flumpool, ONE OK ROCK and Yonezu Kenshi.  

The main reason why I created this LJ account is so that I can know more about these idols and because I would love meeting fellow fans from all around the world. I studied Modern Languages at university, so I can speak Spanish, French and English. Hopefully we can be friends :3